Mushrooms play a huge role in our everyday lives. Symbiotic relationships between mushroom mycelium and the roots of trees, aid in the transfer of nutrients and water to the tree.

Trees produce the oxygen we breath, therefore mushrooms are pretty essential. When the mycelium is finished consuming and transferring nutrients, it produces a mushroom.

Mushrooms are the fruit of the mycelium. 

Mushrooms are nutrient dense and have many medicinal properties. We can grow our own mushrooms or forage for wild ones. Foraging and cultivating both require a bit of studying, research, and practice. 


Gathering wild mushrooms and plants from nature can benefit us in many ways. It reconnects us with Mother Nature and gives us the opportunity to consume truly-natural food. Foraging is also really good physical and mental exercise.

We offer guided forays with with local experts for all ages and skill levels. Learn about mushroom identification, edibility, habitats, and growing conditions. 

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